Sugar Cane growing results of using a microbiological approach from Australia

Sugar Cane, Queensland, Australia, 42 & 50 Hectare paddocks, 2004-2009

Outcomes: Use of micro-biological approach results in:

  • Significant increase in Commercial Cane Sugar content (15%)

  • CCS content first cut always 2 units above the mill previous 25 yr avg

  • Reductions in inorganic N fertilizer use (200 kg/h to 80 kg/ha)

  • Soil water holding capacity increase (400%)

  • Weeds have reduced – hardly used no chemicals last 5 yrs

  • Cane more drought tolerant

  • Soil getting looser and building structure

  • Paddock owner: “Cane might appear to grow slowly initially but we get continuous growth when everyone’s cane has stopped growing, especially through winter and early spring”


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