Soil Foodweb and Compost Workshop – Mexico – English and Spanish

I’ve partnered with a Latin American organic farming consultants group to teach a Soil Foodweb and Compost making workshop in Jalisco, Mexico August 5-7. Its taking place at the Instituto Tecnológico Superior de Arandas, Arandas, Jalisco, México.  The course will be in English and Raúl Medina of COAS will be translating into Spanish.  Hope to see you there. Some of the topics I’ll be covering are:

  • Soil Food Web Trophic Patterns
  • Plant Diseases and Pathogens: Its a Numbers Game
  • Ecosystem Succession Pattern: Why Its Important for our Plants
  • Reversing Ecosystem Success Pattern: Disturbances from a Microbe’s Point of View
  • Soil Compaction: The Problem of No Oxygen
  • The Mutualist: Mycorrhizal and Rhizobium
  • The Carbon Cycle: “Carbon Farming” Needs to Evolve to “Greenhouse Gas Mitigation and Sequestration”
  • Biological Driven Nutrient Availability and Retention in the Soil
  • Soil Chemistry Testing: What It Doesn’t Tell Us
  • The Soil Foodweb Lab Report: What It Tells Us
  • 2009 Jalpa Corn: A Detailed Case Study
  • Making Custom Inoculate Composts

For hotel information in Arandas:

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