Dramatic Harvest Yield Data In…Mexico, Summer, 2009

Worst Mexican Drought In Over 6 Decades – Growing Corn with a microbiological Soil Foodweb Approach

Control cob on left ...... Biological cob on rightControl cob on left …… Biological cob on right

Well, we just harvested the corn in Mexico and the yield results are quite dramatic.  Remember, during the summer of 2009 Mexico has seen its worst drought in 68 years.  Dryland-farmed corn has failed in many parts of the country including the area in which this yield data is based.  Here’s a little bit of information on how our corn did, we’re working on a short video documentary that should be released sometime in the new year.  For now, some yield data comparisons between the ‘control’ field and the micro-biologically managed field.

Yield Data Chart Biomass

Biological sample yield on left ...... Control sample yield on rightBiological sample yield on left …… Control sample yield on right

Yield Data Chart Cobs

9 Responses to “Dramatic Harvest Yield Data In…Mexico, Summer, 2009”

  1. Carol Wheeler says:

    This is totally fabulous! How about a story in El Nueva York Tiempo about this, instead of the endless crime stories. I’m so impressed. If there were a humanist government (ha!) you’d be Secretary of Agriculture (or whatever the equivalent is in Mexico).

  2. dweatherbee says:

    Hi Carol! Thanks for the great note! Being a writer of the NY Times flavor, would you be up for an article?


  3. joan fernandez says:

    doug….this is so wonderful to see. i can’t imagine how different lives would be for the small family farms in all areas of the world where water is so precious and not always available. you are doing such a great job, hope that article gets to the new york times….go carol!!!!!!!

    and i second carol’s idea that you should be mexico’s aggie secretary.

  4. Rick says:


    Pretty Impressive and convincing. I would love to see some of the huge farms in the area adopt these practices. Not only would it produce healthier food, but it would do wonders for the ground water situation here.


    Green Map San Miguel

  5. Trev Sparks says:

    Fabulous result: where is more data available about the methodology?

  6. Shanti Revotskie says:

    Totally Amazing!! It is like a magic act, how did you do that???

  7. dweatherbee says:

    Thanks everyone for the great comments. There is a very strong possibility that more farms in Mexico will soon be adopting this methodology. I’m in Jalisco right now speaking with farmers and a group involved in organic farming and permaculture training. The farmers so far have been very interested. Stay tuned….


  8. Doug

    Wow! Way to go! Very impressive yields. ?Puedes charlar con los chacareros?
    All my love to you and kate.

  9. Joe says:


    These are amazing results and really proves that working with nature is the best way for longterm use of agricultural land.
    I am sure a lot of money can be saved by using this method and obviously made by the increased yields.
    I am looking forward to see results from your next project.

    All the best