Nov 10, 2010 – Bringing Life Back to Your Land: moisture, microbes, and climate change – Craig Sponholtz and Doug Weatherbee

The Quivira Coalition’s 9th Annual Conference

November 10-12th, 2010, in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Carbon Ranch: Using Food and Stewardship to Build Soil and Fight Climate Change

Wednesday, November 10
“Bringing Life Back to Your Land: moisture, microbes, and climate change”

Craig Sponholtz and Doug Weatherbee

In recent years there have been many parallel developments in the fields of watershed restoration and soil microbiology. It is apparent that there are numerous opportunities for these fields to intersect and integrate in ways that have yet to be discovered. This combination promises to dramatically increase the productivity of degraded rangelands through the use large-scale hydration of the landscape and targeted improvements to soil microbiology. We will introduce ways that virtually any landowner can integrate land management practices such as erosion control, tree thinning and re-vegetation with small scale composting and compost tea production. Our discussion will include practices that will lead to improvements in soil moisture, microbiology, productivity, sequestration of Carbon and greenhouse gas emission reductions. Our goal is generate further interest and application by landowners.

Check out the Conference at: The Carbon Ranch

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