Microbiological Restoration of Palms – Case Study Interview

Laura Allen and Carl Vidana of Birdwing Gardens Landscaping in Delray, Florida had a number of very expensive Medjool Palms failing in 2010. These Medjool Palms are between 25-35 feet tall living inside of large concrete planters at a commercial mall in Miami , Florida.  For those not familiar with 25-35 foot tall Medjool Palms, losing one Palm would cost $25,000 USD to replace. Wow. Then Laura and Carl’s client would also have the extra $ costs of cranes and planting work.  Florida Palm experts were brought in to give the Palms conventional treatments but the Palms continued their downward slide.  Then in mid 2010, Laura approached me for help. I worked with her and Carl to design a microbiological restoration program that is having excellent results. I sat down in November 2010 to talk with Laura and Carl while they were in Mexico.

SoilDoctor Microbiological Restoration of Palm – Birdwing Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida from Doug Weatherbee – Soil Doctor on Vimeo.

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