Metabolomics and the Microbiome

A little tangent again from soil microbiology but relevant in that the study of human disease and health is absolutely linked, dependent upon, related to, the microbiology living in us. Humans are being described as a supra-organism, or a system of multiple organisms that may be considered a single organism. There is also an interesting discussion on what metabolomics is. Microbes can’t be taken out of the picture of human health or disease.
In episode 45 of MicrobeWorld Video, filmed at the American Association for the Advancement of Science Meeting in Washington, D.C., Dr. Stan Maloy talks with Jeremy Nicholson, Head of the Department of Surgery & Cancer at Imperial College London, about his work with metabolomics and the human gut.

Maloy and Nicholson discuss the science of metabolomics, the systematic study of the unique chemical fingerprints that specific cellular processes leave behind, and how gut microbial metabolites are part of the diagnostic pattern of results when looking at a host of diseases.

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