Presented by Doug Weatherbee, M.A., Certified Soil Foodweb Advisor

“I’ve read countless articles and books about soils, listened to a host of speakers
holding forth about soils, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more inspiring or enjoyable
soil life presentation than from Doug Weatherbee. Who could ever imagine that soils
could be presented in a hybrid sit-com, sci-fi, who-dun-it theatrical production? Thank
you, Doug, for making us all appreciate afresh the intricate, dynamic, awesome world
of soil. If Doug is on the speaking roster, it’s worth going to the conference just to hear
his dynamic presentation.”

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm

Learn how beneficial soil microbes can provide soluble nutrients and plant disease suppression to your farm or garden:

“I’ve heard international speakers talk about the Soil Foodweb approach on three occasions. I never really clearly understood it until I heard Doug Weatherbee.”

Gerry Shudde, Holistic Management Cattle Rancher, Texas

Doug Weatherbee, M.A., is a Certified Soil Foodweb Advisor and owner of

Consulting with small, medium and large scale farms and ranches Doug uses an applied soil microbiological (eco) systems approach to regenerate the fertility of degraded soils.

You Will Learn

You will learn how to enhance and nurture soil microbiological ecosystems for agricultural and growing benefits and possible climate change mitigation results. Stay tuned or sign up for the mailing list. Soon you will be able to download the “Making More With Microbes” Soil Training Program brochure here.

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“I can swear by Doug Weatherbee’s help.  Its really given me results and my clients love what’s happening.  They’re amazed.  We have a bunch of homes in the Fort Lauderdale and Delray Beach, Florida areas where we can see problems we can solve with Doug’s teaching advice. You become almost like a specialist using this approach.”

Carlos Vidana, Landscaper and Owner,
Birdwing Gardens, Delray Beach, Florida

“The future of our climate and civilization depends up restoring the planet’s 12 billions acres of farmland and pasture land to full vitality, so as to sequester billions of tons of excess greenhouse gases and to produce healthy organic food for the growing global human family. To carry out this Great Transition, we need a corps of Soil Doctors and an army of organic farmers, ranchers, and foresters. Doug Weatherbee is the top Soil Doctor in Mexico and one of the best in the world. His inspiring talk at the 2010 Quivira Carbon Ranch conference was one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Ronnie Cummins, International Director
Organic Consumers Association